Leadership Spotlight - Jessica Clemmer

leadership Feb 05, 2023

Jessica Clemmer is the assistant to the Principals at Pottsgrove High School and an active leader in the local community.

When Jessica originally applied for her role at the high school, she was looking for a “fill in job”, while she did some processing and tried to determine what would be next for her.

She was the lead pastor at a church that she and her husband started several years prior and as that was wrapping up and they were beginning the process of shutting it down a bit, so she was looking for a “fill in job” to make some needed money at the time.

Jessica took the role at Pottsgrove and it ended up growing into so much more. She is in her fifth year there, and plays an integral role in the success of the principal team, and energizing the staff at PGHS.

When asked about the biggest lesson she’s learned on her leadership journey, Jessica shared,

“I used to think that not everyone was a leader, then for a while I thought everyone was a...

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Leadership Spotlight

leadership Jan 01, 2023

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