Business Building with Jenna

Business Building with Jenna is a 3 month mentoring program designed to help you GROW forward and positively impact your RESULTS!


We're Diving In!

We're exploring it all - from developing business offerings that add value to your clients, to processes and systems that leverage your time, increasing your audience engagement, exploring the language and positioning you use when communicating to prospects, and even the words you use when you're talking to yourself!

This dynamic 3 month mentoring program is designed to help you GROW your business from the inside out!

You’ll experience a combination of Teaching Lessons and Thinking Partner sessions designed to help you think BIG, bring your ideas to life and apply them to positively impact your business .

And you won't be in it alone. You'll  be joined on teaching calls by fellow members of the program who like yourself, are eager and excited to GROW!

There’s a special ENERGY that exists in a group of people who are growing together - the learning experience is massively UPLEVELED! 

The Way It Works

This program includes a combination of Recorded and Live Virtual teaching lessons, complete with Lesson Summaries and Application Exercises.

There will be two Live Q&A calls per month. These calls are an opportunity to gain mentoring and put learning into action, as well as gain Thinking Partner insights with any challenges or opportunities you are working on or toward.

When you purchase the program, you will also receive a ½ hr one-on-one virtual mentoring session with Jenna. It is an opportunity to share your growth objectives, ask questions and gain thinking partner insights to map your next steps!

* At then end of 3 months, if you decide that you would like to continue learning and growing while building your business, you are welcome to register for another 3 months. *

The program is ongoing and new lessons are always being added. 

Each time you register for a 3 month interval you receive a 1/2 hr one-on-one session in addition to the group Teaching Lessons and Thinking Partner sessions. 

What You Get

• Virtual Teaching Lessons
• Two Q&A Calls per Month
• ½ hr One-On-One Virtual Mentoring Session with Jenna
• Recorded Access to Program Lessons

Program Price

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